1. I kept my Ian high going for as long as I could but it began getting cracks in it when I headed over to my parents yesterday. My father can’t find his shillelagh (and I’m not buying another one god damn it) and he refuses to use a regular cane. So we went off to church with him a bit wobbly. Of course on the way to the car he has to bend down and pull every dandelion flower he sees. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a rush, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a cane so that every time he bends down I wonder if he’s coming up again. He has become obsessed with dandelions and the fact that the British brought them over here. He’s also somewhat obsessed with hating the British—this is a new one. I asked him why and evidently he lays WWII at their feet. I just nod my head.

2. I have age envy. Whenever I see or talk to someone elderly that is functioning well I am so jealous. I know it’s not rational but I can’t help but think…..”wait they’re 87 and look how great THEY are doing”….. sigh.

3. I mean good Lord….Ian Hunter is 68—-that’s only ten years younger than my mother.

4. I got really pissed at my kids yesterday. I bought them a fucking pool and what did they want to do? They wanted to play on the damn computer. Now obviously….I LOVE my little imac….but that’s not where I want my kids all summer. Anyone have any suggestions for how/what they limit on the computer for their kids? If I get too rigid, particularly with Leo, it becomes forbidden candy and an obsession….but I need to figure out how to set some limits. So suggestions are welcome.

5. That being said they did get excited about the pool. It’s 10 feet by 30 inches deep and I’m hoping it will encourage Leo (and Owen) with swim lessons and getting more comfortable in the water. Of course since we have barely any back yard it’s half in the front yard but what the hell—-we’re kind of off the beaten trak anyway….

6. Everyone should go buy Ian Hunter’s new album. O.K?

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Here’s what we do about computer time. We have a rule: they get 1 hr of “screen time” on school days and 3 hrs on non-school days (screen time includes TV). They agreed to these hours at the outset, so now when we can’t stand that they’re glued to the machine anymore we say ‘ok, screen time is up’ and they moan and groan BUT they stop computing. We don’t enforce it rigorously, and they NEVER track their time and grossly underestimate it when asked, but just saying “you’ve got 15 minutes of screen time left” or “do you really want to use up all your screen time before lunch?” is pretty effective.
    Sorry you lost your Ian buzz. I just got tix to see Crowded House (8th row center!), that ought to be good for a couple day’s buzz!

  2. Oh, and I just noticed you changed your template! Me like. I like the bigger font and I’ve always been a sans serif girl anyway.

  3. Thanks…I’m going to live with it for awhile. I like some things about it and some not…we’ll see…..
    Enjoy the Crowded House show Nancy!