1.  We couldn’t wait so we broke down and gave Ernie his Father’s Day present early.  It is a mandolin—something he has always wanted to learn how to play but of course the man won’t buy anything for himself….  I think he was delighted and in fact he immediately started ignoring me while he began playing with it….so I think it was all good.  The boys were BESIDE themselves with excitement… I wanted to get him an f-style but they were more expensive and I think this will be good to learn on anyway….

Here are the boys giving it to him:


Here he is immediately after, ignoring me:


2.  We’re planning to go to Third Sunday (an antique/flea market) tomorrow so that means I have to take my father to church this evening.  I’m mildly grumpy about it even though I know it will be fine once I’m there.  Ernie has kindly offered to do their grocery shopping (there’s a reason for that mandolin, you know).

3.  Now that we have a pool we find ourselves doing yet another thing we never imagined ourselves doing—-checking for chlorine levels….


4.  The calendar may not say it’s officially summer but let me tell you….here in Champaign, it IS summer.  We’re practically in a drought (bad), the day lilies are blooming (good), it’s really hot (bad), my tomatoes are starting to get big (good) and the boys are getting those tanned beautiful little boy torsos (good).

Here are some pictures from the garden: