Uh, I think I may have had a few too many glasses of wine last night.  I came home for lunch and fell asleep on the couch and slept the whole afternoon away yesterday.  How weird and pathetic is that?  The last week or two has been awfully busy though and I think I just needed a bit of a break.  So I shook myself awake around 4:30 in the afternoon and went to swimming class with the guys.  My guys.  I’m feeling particularly fond of them right now…maybe because they just got haircuts and it makes their little faces look rounder and babier (if that’s a word, which I guess it’s not…).  Owen sang me a lullaby the other night:

go to sleep
go to sleep
go to sleep little angel
go to sleep my little Christmas tree
(he thinks that part is really funny)
the sun is going down
the moon is going up
go to sleep
go to sleep
go to sleep

He finishes and then he strokes my cheek and kisses me.  I can’t even begin to imagine how dangerous he will be with girls.  My sweet pea.

Leo has been gifted with a marvelous swimming teacher (Owen seems to mostly bob up and down and smile in his class, I wish they’d have him do more but that’s o.k. I guess….).  Here’s Leo at class….forgive the glare.  Listen to his teacher Adam say "All right—good job" and just imagine how happy Leo felt right then.  Leo takes it all very seriously.  You should see him demonstrating proper hand position and arm movements.  Getting the pool was worth every penny and the weirdness of having a pool in our sort of front yard.  He has gotten completely comfortable in the water and the boys practice away—or as much as they can in a ten foot round pool.  I can’t tell you how it does my heart good to have Leo happy and trying new things.  My sweet pea.

So after swimming class we came back and sat in the yard with a lovely breeze blowing, had a drink and read the paper.  Our beloved babysitter Hailey (Hailey—am I spelling your name right?  I can’t believe I don’t know after all this time but there you go…..) came over and I must note that not a grumble or whisper of complaint was heard from the guys.  We went to Fries and Peanuts, had a drink, ran into our friend Tom, followed him across the street to the bar at Radio Maria and had a lovely glass of wine. 

Then we decided to stop by Ruby’s to see an old friend who was visiting.  We figured out we hadn’t seen LuAnn in something like 18 years.  She was as charming and lovely as ever—it’s a funny thing, those connections you make early in life.  It was all surrounded by the sounds of karaoke.  I tried to explain Paul Faber’s hair to Hailey but it’s difficult to do.  This is the only picture I was able to round up and I’m not sure it totally does him justice.

So around 10:30 (late night for us, huh?) we headed home to the wonderful sight of boys, not only asleep, but in their own beds. ahhhhh.  Then we realized we had never eaten dinner and tried to make up for that fact but it was probably a little too late.  Hence my very lazy morning and my decision to work Friday instead of today (I’m only working 3/4 time for the next month).

Talked to my mother for awhile this morning and talked about assisted living again.  I told her that it’s either that or they have to have someone in a LOT more than three hours a week.  She agreed to think about it—in fact she really brought it up as an option so I need to look into possibilities again.  So that’s all good but a bit overwhelming too. I take her to the wound clinic later today so cross your fingers that her toe continues to heal.

We finally had a bit of rain so my garden is glowing with happiness….I’ll have to go take some pictures.  Zinnias….and tomatoes….what more could I ask for?