I have lots of posts written in my mind but am too wiped out to write much in reality.  Busy, but good weekend.  Saturday ended up being a hard day with my folks though.  I went over to take my father to church and I could tell it wasn’t a great day for him.  My mother said that she couldn’t get him to get her lunch, she finally yelled enough that he brought her a bowl of soup.  When she looked at it she could tell it was straight from the can.  She asked him if he’d heated it up and he thought about it and then said no.  Then he said, "how do I do that?"

Mom is started to talk about assisted living again…which is good…but I wonder how long that would work.  In the middle of the night I also think about trying to get them moved and them empty and sell their house.  It doesn’t make for great sleeping.

Today was a busy work day with a group in from Japan.  I was a bit anxious about it but it went relatively well…but I am tired after a sleepless night.