The Donut Dip is in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Ernie and I discovered it quite a few years ago on a trip and so last year after spending the night in Springfield with the boys we decided to try to find it again.  It was still there, Ernie is the proud owner of a Donut Dip t-shirt and oh man….the doughnuts.  I’m not even the hugest doughnut fan but these are amazing.  I think they take their doughnuts more seriously in the Northeast.

My grandma in Maine used to make us doughnuts…..I remember eating them warm and dipping them into the sugar bowl.  In my memory they are absolutely incredible—and I think they were in reality too.  I tried making them once for the boys and they were polite about them but even I wasn’t too impressed.  I’ll just have to make do with taking them to the Donut Dip once a year….  This year I need to try to get some better pictures.  It better still be there….