I took a nap this afternoon and I’m paying for it now I guess.  My mind won’t stop making lists of things I need to pack for my parents’ move. So instead I sit here looking at picture of my babies and wondering how it can be that next month my baby will go to kindergarten and my big guy is so grown up that when he doesn’t want bug spray on him he shoves the can of spray in front of my and indignantly says "Look at what that says…it says Keep Out of Reach of Children….you CAN’T put that on me!!!"  I shouldn’t have let him learn how to read—-now he just has another weapon to use in winning arguments….


Here’s one of my favorite pictures—Leo (he was obsessed with buses at that point….he LOVED that bus) with Ricky, Wally the dog, Hayley and Theresa six summers ago….


Owen has always been a party kind of guy….


ohhhh…the first year of the Halloween doughnut…..


I’d totally forgotten that Leo went around wearing a bucket on his back for awhile…I think it was supposed to be a backpack of sorts…


ehhhh…..I better stop before I drive us all crazy….I’ll try going to bed again….