1.  My father isn’t necessarily thrilled about the assisted living place.  He’s agreed to it but sometimes looks a little grim.  However the other day he said to my mother that he would live anywhere, as long as it was with her.  Not bad for after 55 years as my mother said….

2.  First tomato harvests today.  First up is Leo’s Big Boy—he was very excited to pick it.  He couldn’t believe there was a tomato named after his favorite train engine.


Then Ernie picked his first Brandywine….he was so excited he seemed about the same age as Leo that moment…..


3.  I love my peppermint stick zinnias….even this one that just has a hint of the second color:


4.  We’re hoping to get my parents moved next Friday…gulp.  Let’s just say this next week is going to be just a tad bit busy….  Spent the morning at the assisted living place doing paperwork, etc.  I don’t know why this stuff exhausts me so….I guess partially because the whole time I’m with them I’m helping them and trying to be encouraging and positive and when I get by myself I just want to collapse from the strain.  My mother wants to do this but she’s scared to death….as I would be.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand someone so well.

5.  I have all these strange to do lists with items that range from ‘get power of attorney for healthcare decisions’ to ‘buy sticky things for the bottom of their new shower’ and about a million things in between….

6.  Zinnias are one of the things that make hot weather worthwhile….


One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I have been thinking about you and the family non-stop. Was with some friends today at an HUD subsidized independent living place and the director told them they were in! After lots of hoops and letdowns they are in…. Please give a call when you have a chance, I think I can make it down next week to help. You are the best….