1.  The words "you’re better than the solar system" edged into my consciousness as I was busy checking my work email and ignoring my beautiful youngest son.  I had sort of half heard him listing everybody he loves but I was focused on the computer and just kept saying "uh-huh, uh-huh."  So I turned and looked at him and he had that tiny self-satisfied smile he gets when he knows he’s hooked me. "better than the SOLAR SYSTEM?" I asked, and he nodded twice and smiled at me.  So of course I stopped looking at emails, took his hand and we went and curled up on our bed and read a book while he got sleepier and sleepier.  You parents of girls better watch out…..that boy can flirt like nobody’s business!

2.  I went to the gynecologist yesterday…not my favorite thing of course except that I love my doctor.  As she was doing my breast exam she said, "you don’t drink much caffeine, do you?"  Uh, no…you can tell that from my breasts?  She said they would have a grainier texture if I drank a lot of caffeine.  Huh….so I have non-grainy breasts because caffeine upsets my stomach.  Huh.

3.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  MInd you…I’m an early to bed girl and I had to come in to work early this morning but 2 a.m. found me sitting at the computer looking for antique shows the week we are in  Maine and for pictures of Marty Stuart that my BIL can’t desecrate…..

4.  Oh….in exciting New Food On Sunday news….Leo…..actually…..ate two bites of…..drumroll please…..PIZZA!!!!!!….AND….he said it was "kinda o.k."  Ahhhhh…..the world is opening up to my sweet pea.  It seems odd to try to convince your child to eat pizza I know but it would be so nice if he ate at least SOME foods that could be ordered at a restaurant or eaten in a group with other children….at this point I’m thrilled if he just seems open to new junk food….one step at a time I figure.  If I can get him to eat pizza it means he is actually ingesting tomato sauce (he was shocked when we pointed that out) and perhaps that could lead to other things…or God help him…pizza with vegetables….

5. I may have to kill my mother before this is all over.  Of course the fly in the ointment of that plan is that I will be left with just my father so I suppose I’ll let her live but it’s going to be touch and go…..seriously touch and go….

6.  In a bit over two hours I get to take my parents to my father’s neurologist appointment.  Should be a great time….last time Dad slept through it which made it easier for my mother and me to answer questions about his decline.  You never know when he’s going to be sharp and alert though….

7.  Marty and Johnny Cash

8.  Here’s a video of Marty singing with his drummer Harry Stinson.  Harry Stinson—-truly one of the most charming men I have ever met. In my life. Ever. sigh. I want Harry Stinson to write a tell all book—he’s played with everybody and he was Steve Earle’s drummer in the old days…the man must have TONS of stories.

9.  Marty and Steve Earle almost ten years ago:

10.  Look at sweet little Marty Stuart in the red shirt….we really need a tell all book from him too…..