1.  Well, we did it.  I am so tired right now that I can barely think straight….but they are moved in.  My mother had a bad fall the night before so I was even a little more anxious about it all but it is done and they are in the assisted living place.  My mother was perking up by the time we left and was happy to be there….my father not so much but he didn’t complain.

2.  Could not have done it with Dennis, Bob and Eileen helping.  Couldn’t have…honestly.  And without Ann and Sophie and Matt and Luke and Duncan all helping by hanging out with the guys so we could work. Thank you SO much to all.

3.  Saw Billy Joe Shaver last night—we actually had a good evening despite said exhaustion.  A couple of drinks at Fries and Peanuts, tapas at Radio Maria which we really enjoyed and then Billy Joe.  My friend Ann had even kindly saved me a seat but once he started I had to squirm up front despite  how tired I was.

4.  He was wonderful—although different show than usual and I’ve seen him many times in the last dozen in the last fifteen years or so. A little more wired, a little less emotion.  Wonderful nonetheless.

5.  It was very hard to leave my folks yesterday.

6.  Here they are starting to settle in:



here’s the bedroom with nothing on the walls yet so it looks rather bare….


7.  too tired to write more….thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.

One thought on “Random Notes from a Tired Sandwich

  1. What a huge relief it must be for you to have them moved into their new place. Your mom looks happy – she’s smiling in the photo.
    And, only 4 more days until your trip! I’m sure you’ll be able to relax, because being someplace different seems to give us temporary relief from our problems at home and we focus more on the present moments. I hope you get some relief….you certainly need it.
    We just returned from our trip to San Diego. The ocean is just the right medicine for peace of mind.