So of course Harlen the Elderly is still with us.  I should have known Ernie the Soft Touch would bring him back from the vet with a big vet bill and a plan to go back in a month.  Aging cats, aging parents, ugh. 

So today my sister Judi is here and she and I (and my friend Ann) are going to go clean up my parent’s house which is a disaster.  Then we will move them back tomorrow….although their furniture probably won’t get moved until the weekend.  They are frantic to get out of Assisted Living though.  Yesterday I felt as though I was swimming in mud all day long.  Today I still feel rather grim but a bit better so far.  Lots to do—get them moved, do things like change their mail all over again, call Meals on Wheels, start looking into adult daycare, argue with my mother about getting a wheelchair ramp, etc.

This sucks.

I was supposed to get a mammogram today but rescheduled that.  Thursday we register the boys for school and Friday morning….oh yeah, Friday morning I take my mother for an MRI because the ventricles in her brain are enlarged—something that could lead to surgery…..forgot to tell you about that, didn’t I?

We’ll muddle through I guess. 

I don’t think my cooking was quite up to par this vacation but I managed a few things.  Here are a couple of lobsters in the bag and then the pasta dish I made with orzo, lobster, fresh mozzerella, tomatoes and herbs.  Good, but could have been better.