One of my favorite comfort foods is curried popcorn.  It’s best with Penzey’s sweet curry powder but I’m out right now.  I put some oil in a pan and a few kernels of popcorn.  When they start to pop I add the rest of the popcorn as well as a teaspoon or two of curry powder.  That way the curry powder ends up evenly distributed over all the popcorn. 

Melted butter if you really need it.  Last night I did.  Last night was so bad that I had curried popcorn for dinner.  My husband made do  with leftovers and I don’t even know what my children ate.  I know my husband fed them though.

Not a good evening.

When I came home from work I called my mother to see how my father’s day at adult daycare had been.  When she answered the phone I asked her how she was and her response was "I don’t know."  Not a good sign.  The woman from adult daycare had called her in the afternoon and said that my dad had had a wonderful morning—seemed happy, talked to more people, etc. 

Sometime around lunch he tried to choke somebody.

They don’t know what precipitated it.  I think it was a staff member—-I’m not quite sure.  He has a bad cut on his hand.

When I talked to my mother she was upset because she couldn’t find him.  We went over and by the time we got there he was back in the house.  He’d been walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the hedge.  It was good I was there as the bandage on his hand needed to be changed.  He has no memory of the incident….says he cut his hand on the door.  He seemed really lost last night.

Owen brought them a carrot from Leo’s garden to make them feel better.

I wish there was something that would make me feel better.  But there’s not.