ugh……my indoor cats have fleas and this morning I found three fleas on me.  Biting insects like fleas and mosquitos adore me….evidently I am particularly tasty.  We’ve treated the cats but now we have to figure out how to get them out of our house.  I don’t like to use horrible toxins around the guys….any ideas anyone?


Of course this goes on the list with the leak in the bathroom ceiling (oops, it’s raining….) and all the other things around the house we need to deal with. I just don’t have the energy for everything these days….

On another note….I love my friend David Conroyd for many reason but most recently because he informed us that there are Union Pacific Big Boys on display closer to us than Scranton as I had mentioned previously.  In fact….there is a Big Boy only three hours away at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis!!  Leo is beside himself with excitement….we have already reserved a hotel in a few weeks and will make it an overnight trip….never thought I’d look forward to spending a night in a hotel with a five year old and seven year old and going to look at trains….

Right now we’re off to my parents to finish unpacking them.  My father starts adult daycare tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.  I think my mother is terrified of being alone.  Of course one of the reasons we did this was so she would have some time not to worry but I don’t know if she’s seeing it that way at this point… day at a time I guess….

Now if I could only stop feeling fleas everywhere on me…….

4 thoughts on “damn fleas…..

  1. They will multiply rapidly. I had them in my house once, don’t know how they got there since I don’t have pets. I chose to spray for them. Illini pest control gave me two things to use, one to kill the live ones and another “toxin” that interrupts their reproductive cycle. They can be hard to get rid of. You can also do some research on the web, of course.

  2. I’m not a believer of spraying insecticides either, especially with kids and animals in the house. I’ve read that Neem will kill fleas. I’ll email you some info. about it, but I’d also do a little research first. I think they need blood to live; so if they’re not biting you guys or your animals, I don’t think they’ll spread.

  3. Everytime I read “Union Pacific Big Boy” I feel confused….I have this picture of the Big Boy restaurant guy, round boy in red and white, sitting on top of a train. But when I looked at the link you provide I realized just how confused I am…. Someday very soon, perhaps today, Leo will just roll his eyes at my ineptness….

  4. Are you still battling the fleas? We had them…and against most people’s advice…we vacuumed like crazy (we treated the cats, of course). It worked for us.