Leo and Owen’s game of the summer has been ‘the restaurant.’  I guess this is to be expected after a season of watching Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, Hell’s Kitchen and of course multiple viewings of Ratatouille.  Generally, Owen is the chef and Leo is the waiter.  Leo waltzes in and out of the room with handwritten menus, offering refills of drinks, taking orders and asking if we would like to try the chef’s special, etc.  This is all done just in his underwear of course as my children don’t like clothes.  He’s gotten very good at carrying small plates on the palm of his hand in true waiter fashion and he tends to speak in a low voice with some sort of accent uttering things like, "very good, very good, I’ll be back shortly with your order." 

Owen, of course, is the mad chef in the kitchen and I actually forced myself to try the chef’s special last night which appeared to be leftover broccoli raab and corn mixed with salt, flour and marshmallows.

The other day Owen was sad because Leo got to go and play with his beloved Luke and he was home alone.  So I was weak and bought him some new cooking equipment when I had to run to Target.  He was SO happy.  He then loaded it all in his little trailer attached to a tricycle, added a bowl of carrots and some tools (in case he broke down) and went up and down the street.  I never quite figured out whether he was offering to cook for people or just trying to sell carrots.  He wasn’t terribly successful but I really think he needs his own show on TLC or something…..

One thought on “Broccoli Raab and marshmallows….

  1. Oh the BoyChild likes “cooking” and playing waiter. It’s great when I can use it to my advantage to get him to clear the table. It’s bad when he wants me to taste his concoctions.