Man, I love my sweet peas.  And it’s a damned good thing because school mornings may be the death of us now that young Master Owen is involved.  Owen and I aren’t crazy about getting up in the morning and let’s just say that he does not respond well to being urged along…..and is in fact wont to collapse to the floor in misery when being told things like it’s time to go even if he hasn’t finished the ravioli he chose for breakfast….

Given that my camera battery was dead on Monday—the first official day of school for both of them—-I attempted to take a ‘first day of school picture’ today.  Unfortunately, Leo deemed this request TOTALLY BEYOND THE PALE… you’ll have to look carefully into the arbor—where you see a bit of red—that’s Leo.


Let’s just talk for a minute  about how grown up my baby looks.  Look at him.  Just look at him.  He’s practically a MAN for God’s sake…..although hopefully by the time he’s truly a man he will have gotten over rolling his socks down like that….


I managed to snap one as Leo emerged from the arbor… little curmudgeon…..


On a side note….Owen wants a shirt with a picture of Adam Schmitt on it….if anyone has any suggestions…..

7 thoughts on “Off to school

  1. Considering I met you when you were pregnant with Owen, I can’t believe how grown-up he is either! As for the Adam Schmitt tshirt: Weiskamp ( did a great job custom printing our “Rural Iowa Spring Break” t-shirts and they are willing to do orders of just one. Although, orders of ten or more are cheaper, so given Owen’s social abilities, perhaps he could start a Kindergarten Adam Schmitt club. Miss you! Sarah

  2. …is there not some way to flip an image and print it out on a lazer printer and iron it on to a cotton T? Does that work?
    I am certain that is how Adam would want it.
    I have a Farmboys T-Shirt somewhere.

  3. I still have some T-shirt printing pages around here somewhere and you can buy them locally, I think I have seen them at Sam’s. You print your image in reverse on the film (special paper) and iron it on the shirt then remove the film. I don’t know how well it lasts through washings since I never got around to using them.

  4. that’s a good idea about the iron on option…until he gets his kindergarten fan club going we could do that….now I just need to find a high res image of Mr. Schmitt….

  5. Perhaps it is time for Owen to meet Adam…ask for an autographed photo that can then be copied for a t-shirt… Oh, they are darling boys! Love, Judi