1.  As far as food trends go….I’m already irritated by the whole ‘slider’ thing.  Just get over it and cook a burger if that’s what you want for God’s sake…..

2.  Also irritated by all the ‘child foodie’ articles and menus….can you tell I read a lot of cooking magazines on vacation and also have kids that won’t eat anything but macaroni and cheese?  Or how about the children’s party menu in the current Gourmet that shows the whole party laid out on vintage/antique glass cakestands?  Some of the kids are walking around holding them.  I mean I have kids who live with a lot of 19th century glass and are very careful and even I wouldn’t do that….when my stress level goes up of course I’m more easily irritated…..but STILL……

3.  Had to cancel my mother’s MRI today—-still waiting to hear back from the doctor re: getting something for her nausea.  Of course her stress level is off the charts.  My dad has agreed to adult day care but now my mother is worried about being alone while he’s gone.  I just signed her up for Lifeline—one of those medical alert systems.  I was talking to my mother about it the other day and Owen interrupted me and explained the whole thing to her—-the option of a wristband or a necklace and how the whole system works.  She just stared at him…and then at me.  I shrugged and told her he watches too much tv….

4.  I hate the heat but my moonflower vine loves it….I must take some pictures….

5.  Could the plethora of Jane Austen inspired novels and movies please STOP already?  I love Jane Austen but it may be a decade or too before I can read any again…..  It’s times like this that make the Waylon Jennings lyric "don’t you think this outlaw bit done got out of hand?" go through my head over and over again….

6.  Just found out that Leo’s favorite Union Pacific engine, the Big Boy, is on display in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  We may have to plan a trip….





I want to dig clams next year: