1.  O.K…..I may write less about my parents because it’s just too damn depressing.  That being said, my parents and I are off to see a neurosurgeon for my mother tomorrow morning…..and  I won’t even TRY to tell you about the billion of appointments for her on Tuesday…..

2.  So….when we went to Lenscrafters the other day—to pick out Owen’s glasses—I had not had a particularly good day.  I had just heard about my father trying to choke someone for god’s sake and I wasn’t in the best of moods….  However…it DID NOT help when the Lenscrafter guy who waited on us said, "Oh, are you the grandparents"  I was too irritable to be pleasant about it….I just looked at him and said, "uh…….no."

3.  I am SO excited that I bought a goldfinch feeder and I have………GOLDFINCHES!!!  They are gorgeous!


4.  Owen’s pumpkin vines have taken over the whole friggin yard.  The first pumpkins picked are small but we have some BIG ones coming…..


5.  The firepit had its official inauguration tonight—-it was just cool enough and we toasted marshmallows and hotdogs…and told ghost stories……

Ricky, Owen and Leo:



6.  more to tell but it will have to wait….got a couple of guys who need to be tossed into bed…..

One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. We’ve had a ton of goldfinches lately. They love the seed heads on my coneflowers. They been elusive as I try to photograph them, though.
    Might get a goldfinch feeder or humingbird feeder next year.