1.  We actually went an entire 24 hours without seeing my parents.  Woo-hoooooo!

2.  My results of my mother’s nuclear medicine stress test were good.  The meeting with the hematologist was good also—more tests of course and I can’t say I love spending time in the Cancer Center again but we got through it all.

3.  My father, somewhat begrudgingly, went to Adult Daycare again….said it was so-so but at least it was without incident.

4. Leo’s homework last night was filling out a sheet called "who I am"

Favorite book:  train books

Favorite subject:  playing with trains (he then crossed that out and wrote Art Class)

Hobby: O Gauge Trains

Favorite Food:  Cheddar Cheese chips

Something I’m good at:  Drawing trains

What I want to be when I grow up:  Conductor

5. the train guy:


6. Ricky and the guys playing school—Ricky was the teacher.  The boys both got A’s.


7.  Looking at his beloved Ricky: