1.  O.K…….I admit it.  I am totally overwhelmed by my parents’ current situation.  I feel as though we might be able to muddle through with my father but now my mother isn’t doing well physically.  I just don’t know but it’s too painful to even write about—other than we had a 911 call this weekend and my mother has moved to a wheelchair fulltime…..who knows if my father will agree to go to adult daycare tomorrow…

2.  Spent a TON of time over there this weekend but this morning Owen and Dad and I went to church together and it was pretty nice.  Owen loves all the music.  He also had practiced what he wanted to say to the priest when they shook hands ("it’s nice to be here"  totally his idea by the way) but I think he got a bit too shy when it came right down to it….

3.  The boys—all three of them—-went on a railroad spike hunt at the tracks north of our house this weekend….


4.  A few other pictures from the weekend….




(that’s Ernie’s beer….not Owen’s…..)


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