Hard to believe I’ve been only back one week from Maine.  Feels much longer…..or shorter….or something.  I took my father to church yesterday and he was moving slower than ever but he was happy to be there.  As always, we went over to the parish hall after for coffee and a doughnut for him and a glass of juice for me.  As we sat there he started on his regular WWII story and as I looked around I felt the most overwhelming sense of loneliness.  Silly, really, as people have been very kind and supportive, but at that moment I felt so alone.

We did a bit of shopping and then went back to their house where I attempted to do a bit of unpacking to get them settled back in.  Found out several of my mother’s favorite antique plates were broken in the move.  One more thing to add to the list of the Prairie Winds Assisted Living Debacle.  There’s lots more to do—-I wasn’t at my most efficient.  However I did fix them lunch before I left…..because I had brought back NEW ENGLAND STYLE HOT DOG BUNS from Maine.  My mother was positively giggly when I served her two hot dogs in nicely toasted hot dog buns as God meant them to be…..


They come like this and then you split them apart and grill the sides with a bit of butter in a pan and they are the most heavenly things around.  When I was a kid visiting Maine my grandmother was always amused at how often we wanted hot dogs for lunch.  I remember my mother stuffing a bag or two in her suitcase for the flight home to the midwest.  Now that we drive they survive the trip a bit better.  Here’s a picture of one all nicely toasted….of course it’s also a lobster roll as God forbid you try to put a lobster roll in anything else….


I think I’m having hot dogs for lunch today……