Not much time to write….but today should be a good day….  First—Ian Hunter tickets for Milwaukee go on sale today!!!  Second—-today is the day we head to St. Louis for our visit the Museum of Transportations to see…….the BIG BOY…..  Leo is course beyond excited.  Owen is too although he spent some time crying last night because of how much he was going to miss Ricky.  I tried to reassure him that we were only going away overnight….  Man, Owen melted down at 8 p.m. last night.  First I was blaming myself for letting him stay up to late but then I looked at the clock and it was barely 8:00….  Between school and play it can just wear a little guy out….

So anyway, I’m off to work, then when the boys get home from school we’ll leave for St. Louis…hang out there tomorrow and come home in the evening.  Sunday will be church stuff and parent stuff and Monday is the Labor Day parade and after that my aunt—my father’s sister—flies in and will be here for the week. It will be good for my dad to see her although I need to get my parents’ house ready and figure out meals for them all and then Ernie goes off to do a show and then and then and then….it just keeps going…..

So cross your fingers that the Big Boy is all that Leo hopes it is…..

2 thoughts on “Time for the Big Boy

  1. Have a great time! I look forward to seeing pictures of the Big Boy sitting on top of the engine….that imagine just has not diminished… Love, Judi

  2. I LOVED the Museum of Transportation when I was a kid, and it wasn’t nearly as cool then as it is now. I mean, trains Everywhere, a plane sitting at the entrance, and an abandoned railroad tunnel. What more could a kid want? I hope you guys have a great time, and take LOTS of pictures.