Well, my little blog….I did miss you.  All the way home from Maine I wrote wonderfully entertaining posts in my head about the beach….and the boys….and the seafood….and how I finally started to relax after a couple of days.

Then I got home…..and called my parents to let them know we were back.

Big mistake.

They lasted in assisted living one week before being asked to leave.  My father wandered.  Once.

We are moving them back home later this week and then will figure out what to do.

My mother is not ready to put my father in a nursing home.  I don’t know how they can stay in their home.

We have a leak in our bathroom ceiling.

Harlan is worse…. Ernie’s taking him to the vet today.


One thought on “What vacation?

  1. Oh Cynthia, I’m so sorry about your parents–I know that would have been such a relief to have that work out. Let me know what we can do for you, especially regarding school starting.
    And try to cling to those vacation memories…