Well, I had an entertaining post all written in my head but I don’t have time for that.  I’ll just leave you with the fact that the more wine I drank, the more Mitch Easter looked like Willy Wonka.  And hell, if Willy Wonka had a band, he might very well want Mitch Easter in it.

We picked up our sleeping boys from Don’s house and I must say the first thing out of Owen’s mouth the next day was IT WAS AWESOME.  All day from both of them it was Don this, Don that, Don and Sarah are so nice, Don’s house is so cool, Don’s ice cream is better than ours, can we go back there in five days, o.k. six days? and finally, Owen leaned over to me and confided, "Mom……I love Don."

I haven’t had time to post more fully because I am in South Carolina and back to the hospital in a few minutes.  My sister is very ill and I am worried.  I can stay here at least a few more days but have to be back this weekend.  I hope not to miss Leo’s birthday party but I’m not sure.

oh, and by the way, I just looked at my blog in Internet Explorer.  yuck.  Go get Firefox.

and cross your fingers, or pray, or do whatever you do, for my sister.

4 thoughts on “Willy Wonka and Bile Duct Strictures

  1. …it is that slow-churned stuff and it actually really is pretty good.
    In fact, Leo’s exact words (as he finished his bowl) were, “Actually, this really is pretty good.”

  2. I’ll be praying and crossing my fingers, just to make sure we’ve got our bases covered. Wishing your sister well, and a safe trip home for you soon too.