Had a very, very long and intense day at work….got home around 8:00 and my boys greeted me then went back to squabbling and drawing pictures.  Ernie gave me a tall glass of iced tea followed by a glass of wine.  Then I went into the kitchen and found two, count them, two new food magazines.  So all would have been right with the world momentarily…..except my sister Judi is quite sick.  The boys are concerned so they drew the following pictures.  We all love you Judi.  I wish I was there to cart you off to the doctor and be bossy for you tomorrow.  Call me after you see your doctor (and INSIST on seeing someone TOMORROW).



That’s Judi on the left, Owen in the middle and Leo over to the side….also, Leo wanted to make sure you noticed that it was an AMTRAK train that he drew for you…..their love knows no bounds.  Owen hopes Wally is making you feel better.