I am home, and as difficult as it was to leave Judi, it feels good to be home.  Luckily, Judi is also home.  She left the hospital on Friday so I was able to get her settled in her beautiful house, do some shopping, etc. before I left on Saturday morning. My drive home was long but uneventful.  I made pretty good time and was home eleven hours after I left.  Played a lot of Jason and the Scorchers while I drove.  I remember playing a lot  of Jason the spring Ernie was diagnosed with cancer…..wonder why that is.

The whole thing is not quite real to me.  I told Judi that I remember reading something when Ernie was diagnosed that said it takes about six months to accept that you have cancer and you go through all the periods of anger, denial, etc. during those months.  I found that pretty true then and I imagine I will again.

She has an appointment with a surgeon at Emory in Atlanta next Friday. I had sort of been hoping for Chicago but this surgeon is highly thought of and the logistics are easier on her so Atlanta it will be.

It’s Sunday morning but I told my parents I couldn’t take Dad to church today.  I feel bad as he looks forward to it but we’ll have someone come out to the house to give him communion and I really need a break today.  My week at work is going to be incredibly busy through next Saturday so I need try to recover a bit.  I had planned to sleep late today but my mind is whirling too much for restful sleep.

I must thank each and every one of you who has left a comment for me.  I take them all to heart and find them more comforting than you know….