Only gone three days…but I miss him so much.  Having him gone this weekend—-after a rather tiring week, I must admit, makes me realize how much I depend on him to keep my mood and energy up.  That must be so hard on him yet he never complains.

Having my Aunt Mary Ellen here and then leave also made me feel the weight of my parents more than ever.  Having her here was the first break I’ve had in God knows how long—-it was wonderful.  I think it was hard for her but I think she’s glad she saw my father just the same.

The weekend wasn’t all sadness or loneliness though….the boys and I made JiffyPop….


and the boys performed:



and I read a couple of my favorite historical romances (Regency period only….)

Ernie should be home within the next hour or so and I feel myself getting happier and happier…..

come on sweet pea……I’m waiting…..

4 thoughts on “Missing Ernie….

  1. I hadn’t seen it in ages either. I actually bought it at a grocery store in Maine and then we ended bringing it home because I hadn’t used it. It WAS fun and tasted better than microwave…..

  2. Hi, I’ve been lurking on your blog (I found it linked from LBOTP) for a few weeks. We’ve just moved to Urbana and I enjoy reading about the area and your adventures/life. I was finally prompted to de-lurk because not only do I have a son named Leo (almost 2yrs old), but I have an Aunt Mary Ellen as well. Your life seems very full and I wish you the best with your parents and everything else that is going on! Cheers.