As you may or may not know, Leo has been a doughnut for Halloween for the last six years.  Yup, that’s right….six Halloweens as a doughnut.  The SAME doughnut which began looking kind of small after the first few years….  However Leo is, uh, firm in his convictions so a doughnut he was.



However….the other day we were discussing the month of October as it has two major holidays in it:  Leo’s birthday and Halloween.  I casually said, "so, you going to be a doughnut again this year?" and he said………"no."  "NO? what are you going to be then?" I asked. "A conductor—you’d look SO good as a conductor Leo."  He shook his head.  "A train engineer" I asked cautiously because I know he wants to be a conductor not an engineer because conductors are in charge of the whole train and Leo is all about power.  "No" he said and smiled and then announced "I want to be the Big Boy".

He wants to be an engine.  Specifically the Union Pacific Big Boy.  Then Owen’s eyes lit up and he announced that instead of being a firefighter he would be a firetruck.


I am NOT a crafty mom.  The doughnut was a stretch for me and I only managed that because Kathleen Jones advised me.  So……any ideas on a Big Boy and a Firetruck? 

oh….and by the way, he’s also asked his father to make him a Big Boy cake for his birthday…..

5 thoughts on “My question…..

  1. A Box; rectangle would be better but square would work
    Paint red.
    You could paint the ladder and wheels on or use paperplates and white tape to make the ladder. We made the BoyChild a Jeep Costume last year. Here’s the link to a picture:
    It was kind of fun figuring out how to make stuff. Like I think that rubbery white bandage tape would probably make a good ladder. Black electrical tape would make good doors or cubbys on the firetruck. There is a reflective red tape for tale lights.
    We used rope like suspenders to hold it on him.
    We can get you through this!

  2. So sad about Harlan…. I remember the weekend he came to stay. Regarding the costume, I would just get some great digital images blown up to poster size (fairly cheap at Sam’s Club or Costco) glue them to cardboard and make a sandwich board of the whole thing and call it a day. Kelly wants to be a ghost but doesn’t want to wear a sheet and Mia wants to be a bone as in dogbone…… Luv ya all!