sigh….it’s hard to get a picture of Leo.  Here’s my attempts this morning:




He ALMOST broke a smile in that last picture.

Leo hates things with hoods—says they choke him.  Yesterday however…..Luke was wearing a hooded jacket when Leo got to the playground.  This morning he demanded a hood.  Then Owen said he had to wear his Maine shirt too. As I drove off to work past the school I could see Leo and Luke running on the playground…their hoods flapping behind them…..

Work has been stressful and busy of late.  I hate to wish time away but I’m looking forward to getting through the fall.  Had a breakthrough of sorts the other day however….I talked to my  mother and she said  at one point that afternoon all of a sudden she thought, "I feel pretty good" and she was in tears when she told me that because it has been so long since she had felt good and not either ill or stressed/depressed.  So hopefully the combination of being back home and having my father at adult daycare a couple of days a week will work for the time being anyway. 

Ernie and the boys have to take her to the wound clinic today.  I was telling Owen the other day that he would have to go with Daddy and Grandma to the doctor.  I said, "remember that’s the really nice doctor that talks to you though" and he thought about it then said, "well, he’s nice but I’d rather go to Ikea."

uh, yeah Owen, so would I.  So would Daddy.  So would Grandma for that matter.  Where the hell did Ikea come from?  Such an adventure talking to Owen.

3 thoughts on “Photographing Leo….

  1. I love that series of photos! What a perfect contrast! It is so wonderful to watch those two grow up. Miss you, Sarah

  2. Ikea! It’s some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen!
    Ikea! Killer furniture for college kids and divorced men!
    (see my blog)