1.  No new teacher for Leo and the principal has yet to respond to my email of yesterday morning.  Leo has had virtually no homework and yesterday when I asked him how school was he sort of growled and said his class was acting terrible.  I know he’ll be fine and that he’s a smart little guy but…..not so happy with Dr. Howard School at the moment….

2. I’m feeling a little more encouraged about the Big Boy and Firetruck costumes.  Before that of course I have to get through Leo’s birthday…..gotta figure that one out….

3. I have the BEST brothers-in law…..Dennis is taking Mary Ellen to the airport for me tomorrow which makes me feel much better.  Mary Ellen has been wonderful—-it is such a relief to have somebody else here helping that it brought me to tears talking about it last night….

4. Tonight we take Harlan to the vet.  I think this may be it and I’m not looking forward to it let me tell you.  Ernie’s already saying, "well, maybe they’ll say he’s o.k. or….."   Yeah, maybe Ernie but HE’S PEEING ALL OVER THE FLOOR CONSTANTLY… REMEMBER?

5.  Looks like Ian Hunter may have sold out the Milwaukee show.  Perhaps I should be less grumbly about our tickets. 

6.  I’m going to miss Ernie this weekend while he’s at the antique show. I wouldn’t deal well with a husband that traveled a lot….I miss him too much. I must say I hope to God he sells something. A little money might help assuage my loneliness…..

One thought on “Random Notes from a busy Sandwich Week

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian sold out. We have a pretty strong British glam fan base here, and I think the last time he was around the fans came in droves.
    And again, there’s not a bad seat at Potowatomi. Sure, there’s the best in front of the stage, and there’s the difference between reserved and unreserved, so what? We show up early, grab our unreserved seats, then the waitress comes and we order dinner and have it brought to our table and nosh on cheesecake whilst Ian comes out and croons “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” Sometimes, life can be very, very good.