1. I did something somewhat unusual for me last night.  I was invited to a get together of a group of women and I actually went.  I am really bad about things like that.  Even though I know I need to do those things for myself….I wimp out most of the time.  However I was pleased that I had been invited and if I didn’t go I was going to have to go to the Dr. Howard Ice Cream Social…..so off I went….and of course had a great time. I tried to put my normal intimidation factors about everyone being thinner than I am and having bigger and cleaner houses, etc., etc. aside and enjoy myself.  I’m going to try to make the one next month too….

2. Due to the incredible kindness of a couple of very sweet people I am getting to go to Mitch Easter Night tonight.  I don’t  know why it amuses me to call it Mitch Easter Night but it does and these small pleasures get me through the day.  The boys are WAY excited…Owen has already drawn a picture of Don and Will (I don’t know why poor Chloe got ignored) and fell over in shock and excitement when reminded that Don had played with Adam Schmitt…..

3.  Still don’t know what’s going on with my sister.  Say a prayer or make a wish or drink a toast to her getting well soon.

4. I am  VERY happy that it is Friday. I definitely need a weekend after this week….haven’t spent enough time with my folks this week but they seem to be hanging in there…..

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