1. Spent a good three hours at the doctor’s yesterday with my mother—first talking to a neurosurgeon and then getting blood work for the hematologist.  The neurosurgeon was quite amusing which is just not something I expect out of a neurosurgeon so that was a nice little bonus…..but of course he does think she should have the surgery for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  I think she probably should too.  She of course…doesn’t want to do it.  In the meantime more MRI’s etc.

2. My father’s younger sister Mary Ellen is here visiting.  Dad has been looking forward to it and was so happy to see her when she got in yesterday.  He kept asking her about Rochester things that I don’t know about like Bullshead and Dutchtown and Wegman’s but later in the day he didn’t know who she was and told her she should leave.  She’s been great though and is very understanding.  She dealt with their mother when she had Alzheimer’s.  She and my father are the only two left out of six kids.  When Dad gets me confused—-he usually thinks I’m Mary Ellen.  It feels so good to have someone else here even if it is only for a few days….

3.  Had Mary Ellen and my folks over for dinner last night—it was rather a busy day.  I was worried about my Dad as evenings aren’t as good but he did pretty well. After dinner I made a casserole type thing for them to eat tonight.  Thursday night they’re on their own—-I’m going to let them order Chinese or something.

4.  I don’t know how long Harlan is going to be with us.  He can’t crouch down very well anymore so although he obediently gets into the litterbox, he just stands there so the pee sprays all over the room, into the heater vent, etc.  I guess it’s time.  He doesn’t seem quite himself anymore and he’s seems to be getting more frail…sigh

5.  Bob the cat on the other hand, is young, spry and evil.  Just  discovered that he’s been tearing the antique quilt I have on my living room wall….I’m going to have to take it down which upset Owen and upsets me…..grrrrr

6. This week is just a tad too hectic.  Ernie leaves for an antique show Friday morning and we’re not ready.  Mary Ellen leaves on Friday but she may have to take a cab to the airport—I just can’t juggle everything….

7. No new teacher for Leo yesterday as promised….I imagine it could take awhile to find someone that will last more than three days.  Still no word from the school on all this…..

8. Owen was in school only a matter of days before he got a time out…..for talking while the teacher was talking….. Having Owen in school is going to be a whole different experience than having Leo there……Leo was appalled at Owen getting a yellow card…..Leo has never had anything other than a green card by his  name…which frankly makes me want to say, "Leo—just live a little"….ahhhh, my sweet peas…..