Hard to believe that 19 years ago yesterday we were getting married.  It really doesn’t seem that long ago…..honest!  Last night we celebrated by staying out past 7:30 p.m. as promised but not by much!  So what did we do for our anniversary?  Well, we started by going to Target.  Yup….I know, I know… but we needed to get some things so after buying exciting things like Halloween candy for my parents’ homecare worker’s kids, jeans for the boys, lightbulbs and bread we went out for a drink.  It was so novel being out after dark.  "Look at all the lights Ernie!"  but we decided we really felt like cooking dinner for ourselves so we bought some expensive shrimp (you do get what you pay for sometimes) and tumbled home.  The boys were busy practicing trick or treating and we brought the pumpkins out, lit them up and put a fire in our firepit.  Owen told scary stories and Ricky and our neighbor Dave came over.  It was a beautiful night.  Eventually we got the boys into bed and we cooked our shrimp with olive oil, orange peel, garlic and smoked paprika. Semi-based on a Mark Bittman recipe—-pretty wonderful.  Then we pulled out our wedding pictures (we don’t have any formal ones) and giggled over them. I am so, so blessed by having my husband in my life for so long.  It’s a funny thing, falling in love so early and being with that person for so long.  In many ways we’ve grown up together and we’ve influenced each other so that we are different people than we would have been without one another. We are very fortunate.

I don’t think of Ernie as having aged much (I KNOW I have) but looking at these pictures….oh my gosh we were young, huh?

Here’s our cake, complete with the bride and groom from my parents’ wedding cake.


Opening presents with a bearded Pat Dailey in the background.


My mom and me.


My Dad.


Eileen wearing some of the ribbons from a wedding present.  It WAS the 80’s.


Sasha, looking almost exactly like she does now…how does she do that?



Judi, looking great despite the 80’s perm and glasses, and me!!


Ernie and the inimitable David Conroyd.


Me.  This is my favorite picture of me that day because it shows exactly how I felt.


Happy start of the 20th year Ern…….

5 thoughts on “19 years later….

  1. Wowee! Great pics. But who’s that chick with the long hair and grey shirt?
    So happy for you guys. Such happy years. And don’t forget the years before the wedding.

  2. Happy Anniversary (late)! I’m behind on reading posts since my computer time has been quite limited lately. I was just telling Rob last night that you and E are an inspiration. You have such a great relationship and are so sweetly in love…it is so wonderful and unfortunately somewhat unusual to see. I’m glad you got a chance to spend some together time (even if some of it was at Target LOL).