Life is so interesting.  I had two phone calls this afternoon.  One was Judi, saying that she will have surgery next Thursday.  She liked the surgeon (which is always a nice bonus).  She said that unlike her other doctor, he said that bile duct cancer would be preferable to pancreatic….so whatever.  He also said they just are not going to know exactly what they’re dealing with until they get in there. They will remove the bile duct and possibly part of the pancreas and liver, rebuilding it with part of her small intestine.  Sooooooo…..things are set for next Thursday.  V’ron and Eileen—you are on your own for Ian Hunter I’m afraid. I’ll be with my sister….  I’ve got to figure out whether I’m going to fly or drive, figure out a hotel, etc. Part of me wants Ernie and the boys to come with me because at times like this I just want to gather my family close around me.  I’ll probably go myself though.

The other phone call was from Leo’s principal.  She asked me to remove her name from my blog because her son had googled her and found this site and she didn’t want him seeing the adult content on here.  Yup.  My racy, objectionable little blog, steeped in filth and adult language.  As she said, the other references for her were related to church and school….so this one, although factual, must have seemed pretty darn objectionable. She did say that she should probably have some kind of screens up on her computer…..  Uh, yeah…..because if she thinks that is the most offensive thing her kid is going to find on the internet….. 

Gee, I wonder if I’ll get a call from Arthur Culver……

So an interesting conundrum, huh?  I write my blog because I find it both comforting and entertaining, and it lets friends and family, and anyone else who wishes (as it’s a great big old world out there), know what’s going on with my life.  So while I certainly I don’t have any right to write falsehoods about anyone, do I not have the right to use someone’s name, someone who is basically a public figure in their role, while factually explaining something that was going on with my family?  Do I need to edit myself out of fear that someone googling around might find their name here and see another post that had a nasty word?  Now to be fair, she did not demand that I delete her name, she said if I didn’t want to that was fine too.  I’m glad to make her happy and delete her name in order to protect her child from harm however…

The internet….it’s a whole new world, isn’t it?  As Mitch Easter said, "no one can have an off night without it being online…."


One thought on “Afternoon phone calls…..

  1. That’s one of the reason I use pseudonyms instead of real names. Cause most of the time, I don’t really want the people involved to find me. It was nice of you to take her name off because I’m not sure you really had any obligation to.