Time to try to pull myself together and move on.  We talked to Judi last night.  I hadn’t really said anything to the guys about the news yesterday but they sense everything of course.  As Owen finished talking to her you could tell he was trying to think of something really nice to say so after he said "I love you Aunt Judi" he paused and then finally said, "and you’re a really great aunt."  Such sweetness.   Leo, who normally does not deign to speak on the phone came racing downstairs when I told him Judi was on the phone.  They are devoted to her.

It was tough telling my mother about this.  Tough.

Thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts—-they help so very much.

I’ve had to cancel appointments for my parents left and right.  I have this almost physical sense of things just tumbling past me.

Time to focus on small slices of normality I guess.  Here is part of the harvest from Owen’s pumpkin patch: