1.  O.K…..I am SO over Curtis Orchards.  Never again.  I didn’t feel like going all the way to the Great Pumpkin Patch but I should have.  Yes, I liked the apple doughnuts and yes, we got some nice pumpkins from the field but most of it looked like this:


And the whole Wizard of Oz theme irritates me for some reason.  Not a single mum to be had or any pumpkins other than the classic orange.  Even Schnuck’s had some nice white ones for god’s sake…..

2.  Grumbles aside, and Owen’s temper tantrum when the candy crane stupid machine only gave him loser candy, the boys were very happy with their pumpkins.  Owen has a whole pumpkin family—the father is named Joe, the mother Sally and the son Owen of course.  He bought two additional pumpkins so Owen pumpkin could have pumpkin brothers.  Leo was delighted that he pulled in the biggest pumpkin of course.


3.  Saturday morning Owen told me that he loved me so much that he might explode.

4.  I thought I was making Leo such a cheap costume until I finished my shopping at the crafts store.  I do not do well in those places.  I am just not a crafty mom and Ernie just gets giggly, which is simultaneously amusing and irritating.  We got what we needed though and I do think Leo will be an AMAZING train conductor.

5. Word to the wise:  Don’t ever buy your kid a ringpop BEFORE trying to get cute-kid-in-a-pumpkin-field pictures.


6. Managed to squeeze in a visit from Dawn Dohl when she was in town this weekend.  It was great to see her, sit around our firepit, drink wine and talk about days gone by (even though I forgot to get a picture).  As we tried to figure out exactly what memories we had of each other she wondered if I’d been the one kissing Matt Brandabur the night of the infamous party of Pete’s where the porch collapsed. That question has amused me ever since and I think it will continue to amuse me.  I’m flattered, but while I was there, I wasn’t the one kissing Matt.  I wasn’t even kissing Ernie at that point.  I think he was there that night but not when I was and reportedly he was with the person we now refer to as "the old act."  I wasn’t kissing anyone.  Well, that’s not true but not anyone I’d admit to kissing these days.  That WAS a great party Pete—and the legend lives on…..

7.  Yesterday afternoon we wondered where Owen had gone off to and Ernie peered out the front door to see Owen calmly sitting in the front yard by himself listening to his MP3 player—-or the O-Pod as we call it.


8.  I took my Dad to church today for the first time in a month since between being away, work and exhaustion I haven’t been able to.  Not seeing him out for a month made me realize that he has gone further downhill.  I guess the other day he asked my mother where all three of us sisters live, what we did and if we were married.  When she answered she said, "of course Cindy is married, she has Leo and Owen."  He looked at her puzzled and said, "have I ever met them?"  It breaks my heart.  Today however all he could talk about was how wonderful Owen was and how great it was to have him come to church with us. (I agree—Owen is a tiny little saint sometimes…SOMETIMES).  He was also convinced his car is in South Carolina even though we were driving in it. So it comes and goes.  On a bright note we finally got a wheelchair ramp up at the house for my mother—-the boys should love it.

9. Rounded out my weekend with a neighborhood party.  Wonderful weather, some people I like more and more and more all the time and lots of food.  I’ve got some kind of allergy/sinus thing bugging me though so Leo and I went home before the two blondes…..

10.  Tomorrow is our NINETEENTH wedding anniversary if you can believe that.  With everything going on we both kind of forgot about and have done the whole "I don’t have anything for you….REALLY" thing.  Hopefully he’s telling the truth as I sure am.  However at the last minute he rounded up our beloved babysitter Hayley and as he told her, "hey, we might stay out til 7:30 p.m.!!!!"

4 thoughts on “Random Notes from A Sandwich Weekend

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Rod’s and my anniversary was about a week ago, and the same thing happened – we did exchange silly cards, but we’re past the gift giving stage I guess. At least after 19 years for you and 22 for me, we know now that it’s not the gifts that makes the marriage a happy one. Even after all these years, it’s still obvious that you and Ernie make a great match and are very loving. I have the perfect Anniversary wish for you – check out my blog tomorrow and I’ll post it for you.
    Also, I had such a nice time relaxing and visiting with you and Ernie last night. Thanks so much for the wine, and fire-side reminiscing.

  2. Congrats on 19 years. 🙂
    I feel your pain about CO. We went a couple of years ago and the pumpkins were just HORRIBLE. Everyone we found was rotted and mushy and generally gross. We still go there to play sometimes (I can’t resist the Arkansas Black apples) but I won’t ever buy a pumpkin there again.