1. Last night I was so exhausted that I went to bed early.  Owen curled up next to me and singing a lullabye.  Then he patted my shoulder and said, “wouldn’t it be great if Aunt Judi were lying here with us and didn’t have that stuff?”  Then I think he saw that had made me weepy so he patted me again and said, “let’s just go to sleep now Mommy, I don’t want to be tired for my playdate tomorrow.”  He drifted off and I lay there thinking.

2. I told the guys that Judi might have surgery.  Owen is begging to come along.  He earnestly tells me that he’s very good at taking care of people when they are sick and he wants to take care of Aunt Judi.

3. Instead of a big birthday party this year, Leo just picked a few friends and celebrated with a train ride at the Monticello Railway museum followed by his train cake (my husband is wonderful).  He has already asked if he can do the same thing when he turns 9…..

4. I think Leo’s birthday was a success.  Of course I missed his party and then I’m so out of it that we didn’t even have Owen get him a present.  Last night we went to my folks for dinner and we didn’t have a cake, etc. as I normally would have but given everything it was the best I could do and he seemed very happy.  He loved the apple trees and train book we gave him and of course the plethora of books and presents that Aunt Debbie sent.  Debbie and my parents also generously contributed to his Union Pacific Big Boy HO fund so once he counts what is in his bank he should have  enough to purchase it…..   He just went off to school proudly wearing his new Big Boy sweatshirt from Eileen.

5.  Last night my father had an elaborate story that adult daycare was some sort of front for an insurance company that didn’t have adequate safety precautions for their employees, etc., etc.  He said there were at least 50 people working there.  My Mom started to argue with him but I just said "Mom" and she stopped and just looked sad and rubbed his hand.

4.  Dennis gave the boys MP3 players and they were both excited but Owen is over the moon and I can’t believe that I am already having to yell "Owen take your those out of your ears so I can talk to you."  I can’t imagine the teenage years with him……my sweet pea.

from the train ride:






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