1.  Excitement is at an extremely high level at our house.  Trick or Treating is from 6-8 p.m. and Leo would like the family ready to go at the door by 5:59.

2.  This is the first year we haven’t gotten together with Ann, Bob and Sophie for dinner before trick or treating.  It was always a nice chance to see Ann’s family too.  I’ll miss that but the boys want to go in our neighborhood this year which I understand of course.  Oh well.  We’ll have to start another tradition.

3.  Our friend Becca lent us some ties to choose from for Leo’s conductor outfit.  Leo has been practicing being a conductor and wearing it and I think Owen was jealous…..so today he requested to wear a tie to school.  Of course he did this about five minutes AFTER they should have left so it was a hurried affair but here he is…..he went off to school quite proudly…..


4.  Math Night was a rousing success.  Owen was a bit sad that his teacher wasn’t there but he dealt with it well.  We went to the kindergarten room and Owen showed us some of the math activities they did while Leo vacillated between being the voice of experience and saying ‘this is boring.’  I am TRYING to wipe that word out of their vocabulary but no luck yet.  Then we went to the second grade room which WASN’T Leo’s  classroom as he kept pointing out but luckily his teacher was there and we spent a lot of time with him and watching Leo play a pretty cool math card game.  I liked his teacher a lot.  He does seem frighteningly young but then again I found myself relating to a lot of the grandparents that were there.  HONEST!

5. The low point of the night was when we headed to the cafeteria/gym for refreshments and found nothing left but apples.  Ohhhhhhhh……the bitterness…..I promised them an ice cream cone when they got home and we escaped with only a little drama (Owen dropping his head to the table in abject misery as another child grabbed the last bag of popcorn in front of him).

6.  Leo is very pleased with his conductor hat and I must say I am rather proud of our efforts.  I’m almost as excited about Halloween as the boys!

7.  Happy Birthday Don!

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