I am being selfish today.  I told my parents that I couldn’t take Dad to church today, instead someone from the church will come out on Tuesday to give him communion.  I told them next week we would get back on track but after this week, and then working Friday night and all day Saturday, I just really needed a day to myself.  It has felt luxurious….I slept in, got up to find Ernie making his renowned biscuits which he served topped with a little grilled pork and mustard (butter only for Leo and sadly, Owen does not share the rest of the family’s taste for Ernie’s baked goods).  Then I read the Sunday paper on Sunday morning….ahhhhhhhh.

I just splurged and ordered a bunch of spices from Penzey’s and now I find myself sitting here at the computer after 10:00 in the morning still wearing my pajamas and with absolutely no plans for the day.  Bliss.

In Judi news, she is sounding much better.  Her old college roommate visited her yesterday and took her outside in a wheelchair—between that and getting to take a shower she is feeling good…..lousy of course, but better if you know what I mean.  If she can keep some food down she will get to go home in a day or two.  My sister Debbie is getting there today to stay with her so that makes me feel better since Eileen had to go back home.  Silver linings aren’t really enough in these situations but just the same the outpouring of love that Judi—and I—have felt has been amazing…..