A lot of parent time this weekend and honestly….it may seem pathetic but I find if I spend the morning with my parents I’m wiped out for the day.  It’s not that it’s physically exhausting but it is somewhat exhausting nonetheless.  So Saturday I dropped the boys off at art class and then headed for my parents.  My mom and I went out to get our hair cut.  I always worry a bit leaving Dad at home but thus far he has been fine.  We used the new wheelchair ramp for the first time and what a difference!!!  I can’t begin to tell you how much easier and less stressful that was.  My mom really enjoys getting out and we adore the woman who cuts our hair so it was a nice morning.  I got my mom back, did some odds and ends around the house for them and got back home a little after noon.  I felt antsy but couldn’t decide what to do.  All of a sudden it came to me that we needed to go to the cemetery where Ernie’s parents are buried.  His mother died on Halloween and between that and me missing having her here to talk to about Judi’s situation, she’d been on my mind.  So after the boys melted down momentarily because we were dragging them away from their friends Parker and Dema we loaded into the van.

With Ernie’s parents both gone we never drive out that way now so it felt good to take the familiar route on such a gorgeous fall day.  And it felt wonderful to be out in the open spaces.


We talked about Grandma Alice and Grandpa Blackie.  I remembered standing in that cemetery for Blackie’s funeral being about 7 months pregnant with Owen.  And I remembered standing there for Alice’s funeral.  Still hard to believe even though it’s been three years.




The boys had lots of space to run….



After numerous races and rolling down hills, etc. we decided to leave and…..the car wouldn’t start.

Wouldn’t start….

There were many futile attempts, Leo and Owen gave numerous explanations for this occurrence which their father seemed to find just a tad irritating…..here’s Owen trying to explain what’s happening:


We finally called Ernie’s brother Michael who promised to come rescue us but eventually Ernie got it started so we trundled home. 

An exciting day on the prairie….

4 thoughts on “An afternoon on the prairie…..

  1. So….is Owen going to be the car boy with the Blackwelder knowledge for fixing cars? And Leo the boy who hires others to do so?

  2. As you probably have figured out–my family makes a day of going to the cemetary where family is buried. The kids have always played, we bring wine and music….it’s a beautiful place, if you want for it to be. And really–that is the way it should be.