Very frustrated today.  I feel like hell but I’ve been told I have to come in to work AND may have to stay later than usual.  I woke up in the night with the worst headache I have ever had in my life. Ever. I couldn’t even move.  Ernie was sound asleep and I couldn’t face the thought of trying to go downstairs and get ibuprofen so I just laid there, thinking it would be gone when I woke up again.  It wasn’t so I finally woke up Ernie and he got me a handful of ibuprofen.  It’s better but still not gone.

It is moments like this that I realize that I just cannot do everything.  I just can’t do it.  I can’t.  I really can’t.  I have go into work today.  Tomorrow I need to work to finish up some things I didn’t get done because I was sick this week.  Then I was going to shop and make our traditional before Thanksgiving Meat Pie for my parents.  Then Sunday take Dad to church and then cook Thanksgiving dinner for us, my folks and some friends.  Monday of course I work and need to figure out what my parents are going to eat on Thanksgiving when I’m gone.  Then Tuesday we leave for South Carolina.  Which is the only part of the list that I want to do.  Mostly I just want to feel better and get rid of this throbbing headache. I just want it to stop hurting.