Tomorrow is the Illinois Thanksgiving this year.  My folks will be here and our dear friends, Ann, Bob and Sophie.  Next week we’ll celebrate in South Carolina.  I know I’ve been grumpy but I’ve gotten over it.  The Strep Throat is receding although I do have a bit of a cold.  I normally eschew cold medications but given that I’m going to see Judi I’m Zicamming the hell out of my nose and have bought Airborne, etc.  Making my traditional holiday meat pie today was a highlight for both Ernie and me.  The scents are so full of memories—-46 years worth for me and 26 for Ernie—so for both of us it made us think about what we were thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I LOVE making cranberry sauce…they’re so beautiful!


Ernie acting as DJ to my cooking….


One thought on “Feeling Thankful

  1. I put cinnamon sticks in my cranberries this year, too! Only took me 25+ years and a Bon Appetit recipe to figure that one out. The sauce was SO good this year.
    I love Bob (wait — is that the kitty’s name?) on the dining table.