Halloween has always been a favorite  holiday (hence the wedding in October with the pumpkin cake) but in recent years I have been somewhat disappointed by the way it seemed to be taken over by adults.  Last night though as we trailed behind the group of kids racing from house to house, excited beyond belief by being out at dark and kicking leaves as they went, my faith was restored.  And you know how Owen told me that he loved me so much he might explode?  Well, that’s how I felt last night when the boy were home going through their cache of candy.  They were so sweet I didn’t know what to do with myself. 

"You only got one Smarty Leo?  You can have some of mine." 

"Owen, you like lollipops don’t you?  You can have these." 

"Here are my Reese’s Cups Leo."

"I got more chocolate bars than you Owen so I’ll share this one with you." 

"I’ll give you this Leo…because I don’t care about candy (expressive shrug)….I care about my family."

Where did these children come from?  I have absolutely no idea. I just know that there is such a core of sweetness in them.  It comes out in different ways and generally Owen is by far more of a caretaker than Leo.  However listening to them as well as watching Leo carefully go and hug my father and stay there patiently until my father responded, and then lean over and kiss his cheek and say "I love you Grandpa." just about made me explode.

So the general report is that yes, I’m a sucker for my kids, and according to them…..this was the best Halloween ever.

My motorcyle racer Owen:


My Union Pacific Conductor Leo:


Leo and Mom:


Even though we didn’t trick or treat with Sophie, we had to get a picture of them all together.  I love the Tooth Fairy’s pose in this shot:


Part of the gang—-although I’m heartbroken I didn’t get a picture of my favorite costume of the night—-Parker’s submarine….


The boys bringing all their Butterfingers to me because I said I liked those….


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