I don’t think this NaBloPoMo thing suits me. Having agreed to post everyday strangely makes me not want to post.

The view as I left work yesterday:


The view as I got home last night (Owen looking for food—-what a surprise):


Leo reading to me from his library books on tornadoes.  The newest family pastime is watching shows like Storm Chasers together.


I kind of feel like I’m in limbo.  I want to be in South Carolina with Judi.  Only two weeks though.  We’re taking the boys out of school for a couple of days and leaving early.  What the hell. We’re going to break the trip into two days and kind of make it a treat for us AND get there at a reasonable time on Wednesday.  We’re planning to stay overnight in Nashville—-I want to see the new Country Music Hall of Fame. I think they’ve got a Ray Charles exhibit up right now.

Oops…..  I just looked at the Country Music Hall of Fame site….do you know what adult admission is?  $17.95.  Yup.  Looks like it would cost the family $55.80 to go. Yikes.  Wellllll, it’s $20 to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. hmmmm.  Anyway….that’s the plan.  Maybe even send Ernie out to the Station Inn while we snuggle into our little hotel beds. And then on Wednesday arrive in Clemson and see Judi.  It will be a great Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “In limbo…

  1. Leo should check out the Plainfield Tornado of 1990. The house I grew up in, my grade school, and the high school all got demolished. It was an F5 that travelled 16 miles in 8 minutes. There is a lot of stuff on the web.