1. I know blue jays are supposed to be nasty birds but there were three of them doing a dance on the wires outside my parent’s house Sunday morning and against the gray sky they were wonderfully vivid.  I love colors against gray skies.  Ernie and I always argue  about whether fall leaves look most brilliant against blue skies or gray skies.  He votes for blue…..I am for grey all the way.

2. Incredibly busy weekend so I didn’t even have much time to miss my three guys who were all at Casa Eileen.  The guys had a fabulous time—all three of them adore Eileen. They came home with brushed hair (well, not Ernie of course).  Let me repeat this so you understand the gravity:  Leo and Owen came home with brushed hair.  "Why did you let Aunt Eileen brush your hair?" I asked belligerently.  Leo pondered it and then said, "I don’t know if it’s HER or the brush….but she’s much better at it than you are."  Gee thanks Leo.  Leo also tried TWO new foods for Eileen, and Owen, who normally refuses to let us put chap stick on him and ends up with a raw little face, excitedly showed me the chapstick that EILEEN gave him.  Owen also excitedly dragged in his Christmas present from Eileen and said he had to wrap it.  He found Christmas paper somewhere in the basement and recruited Parker to help him.  Then he obediently hid it away as Eileen had told him to do.  I just kind of stared at them.  Eileen has always been a powerful woman….always has been, always will be….

3. Dad managed to go grocery shopping with me this weekend.  He had a hard time after church.  I was sitting across from him and it was loud, so I couldn’t really hear him as he speaks very softly.  When I saw him start to cry though, I knew he was talking about WWII and so I just nodded and rubbed his hand.

4. Judi’s first day of chemo today. Only eight days til we see her.  I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to just being away too….just driving across the country…..

5. The boys visited the Museum of Science and Industry for the first time this weekend.  You can imagine how happy the train set up made my Leo. They also got to walk down and watch trains near Eileen’s house.  Life is good.

6.  I was incredibly amused to hear from our friend Linda that now that Leo is obsessed with Storm Chasers he orders the neighborhood gang to play Storm Chasers.  Leo is, of course, the TIV (that’s Tornado Intercept Vehicle for you neophytes) and Owen is the DOW (Doppler on Wheels).  I don’t know why but they both seem appropriate…..

7. Some scenes from the weekend:







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