Perhaps I’m more stressed than I realize.

Sitting in front of my computer at work this morning I reached up to brush my hair off my face.  When I felt my skin I thought, "uh-oh….."

I forgot to put on make-up.

Now I don’t wear a ton of make up but…..let’s just say I could have used a little…..  I went and looked at myself in the bathroom.  Not the most flattering light.  Oh well. I just don’t care enough about how I look to go home and put make up on.  But I really need to remember. I did manage to brush my teeth and wear clothes….how can you all of a sudden forget something you do every day?

I called Ernie and asked him how he could kiss me good bye and not notice.  He scrambled and tried to come up with the ‘well you don’t need make up’ line of defense…..


3 thoughts on “oh man…..

  1. This reminds of the day [probably more than one] when the kids were littler and needed tending to get them off to school–when I put mascara on one eye–got distracted–then neglected to finish the other eye. I don’t usually carry makeup around in my purse, so you can imagine….