1. You know, I’ve never really gotten the whole NaBloPoMo thing.  I generally post all the time anyway and I haven’t become the kind of blogger that gets all the badges and post awards and lots of traffic so it didn’t seem like something I would do.  I’ve let my blog develop its own life and this is what it is, for better or worse.  However as I wandered around the internet a bit before bed last night I clicked on a couple of NaBloPoMo badges and thought well, why the hell not?  So I figured out how to get the little badge into my sidebar and here I am. I don’t think you’ll see any difference….same old Sandwich Life posts….

2.In post Halloween news we had a bit of a ‘too much candy’ incident with Owen last night.  Generally the boys kind of police themselves with the candy—the first night they eat too much but frankly a lot of it they don’t like and it’s never been a big deal. If I start saying "you can’t eat it" then all they want to do is eat it. However…..evidently restraint is not in Owen’s genetic makeup and last night in the middle of the night a fountain of candy-smelling vomit came spewing out of him (sorry—but you only had to read it—we had to live it).  So much for my not policing the candy from now on.  He stayed home from school this morning because his stomach felt funny (duh)….

3. Leo proudly put his conductor uniform back on yesterday afternoon and convinced Owen, Luke and Duncan to play train for much of the afternoon…..

4. In other news, Judi is doing well at home.  Still a bit tired and of course impatient about it being Judi but she is doing amazingly well considering the type of surgery she had.  I can’t WAIT to see her over Thanksgiving.  She’ll see a medical oncologist next week and start getting her treatment planned out at that point.

5. I take my mother to get her hair cut tomorrow and will stay and do some things for them.  Things aren’t going real well over there.  They have a homecare person who basically does housecleaning type things for them.  My mother is really resistant to asking more of her though—-they really need to get help showering but she doesn’t want to, I think they need to have her another day but my mother says "what would she do?" like there aren’t a million things she could be doing.  My mother can’t quite come to terms with not depending on my father to do things…..so they sometimes eat meals hours late and…. argh…..I’m not going to keep going….I just feel it in the pit of my stomach all the time.

6. I’m glad it’s almost the weekend even though all morning Saturday and Sunday will be doing parent related stuff.  Next weekend I’ll be busy with work and the guys will be out of town (Ernie’s going to see  E.I.E.I.O. at Fitzgerald’s, the following weekend we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving early with my parents and then we’re off to South Carolina….and then it will be Christmas, right?  What a fall.  There was a heavy frost last night and I saw some people had covered their plants—-normally I would have been obsessed with that but this year I don’t care.  Onward winter…..

Wish I could join Ernie and Eileen at Fitzgeralds…..here’s a picture V’ron took when she saw EIEIO awhile back


One thought on “Post Halloween Random Notes

  1. What is…he whole NaBloPoMo thing?? I am clueless about many things this just being one of them. Owen…a boy with no restraint for candy…a boy after my own heart. Love you all!