Last night I was writing a post in my head as I was driving home and I had a whole list of ‘random bad’ things.  This morning I can’t remember them which means I must be feeling better.  So here goes:

Random Good:

1.  When I got home from work last night around 7:30 tired after a long day I found Ernie and the boys had already brought the Christmas trees in the house.  I was so happy.  Our trees are beautiful.  A good sized one in the living room and a small one tucked in the corner of the dining room.

2.  Got the school pictures and they’re not too bad except that Owen in particular looks like a teenager to me. 



3.  It’s Friday!

4.  Judi’s chemo is going well.  O.K…..what I mean is that her body is responding to it.  This could also go in the Random Bad column as that also means that it is very, very hard on her physically.  However we’re looking at this as a positive….her oncologist was actually delighted that Judi’s face was covered in zits…..see—it’s all in how you look at things. So as painful as this is for her, this is going in my Random Good column because it’s doing what it needs to do.

5. Ernie did an amazing slow cooked roast pork last night—-coated in sauteed onions, coriander, pepper, cocoa powder and cloves I believe it was.  Absolutely wonderful flavor.

6.  After Ernie got up this morning I was lonesome so I crawled into Owen’s bed.  He just sighed contentedly, wrapped his arms around me and told me he loved me more than anything in the whole wide world and he loved snuggling with me.  Then he asked me why Daddy and Leo didn’t like to snuggle.  I said I didn’t know, that he and I were just the snugglers in the family.  Then he patted my arm and kissed the side of my face and we dozed off for a little while.

Random Bad:

1.  I went all green and got the LED Christmas lights for my arbor and I hate them.  They have this blueish, strobe-like quality.  Gotta figure out how to make it look better.

2.  I really want a potted orchid but I know I’d kill it.  When I wistfully commented something along those lines to Ernie he just agreed, "yeah, you would kill it."  Oh well.


3.  Owen has been leaving for school in the morning in tears because he says he can’t spell the words.  It’s breaking my heart.  We need to talk to his teacher. I don’t want him to dread school.

4. Got tons to do at work but see #3 in ‘Random Good’ above.