A wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  My turkey was a bit overcooked but good just the same, the stuffing was great (and damn it all I cooked it IN the turkey), the sweet potatoes which I thought were a failure turned out pretty good (cooked with cream and chipotles), the macaroni and cheese was as expected (because hey, I’m thankful enough for Leo that I will make macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving), my cranberry sauce—with some cinnamon and raspberry was great—-Ann’s pies were marvelous….all in all it really felt like Thanksgiving.

Usually I try to go around the table asking what we’re all thankful for.  We were too busy eating and talking to do that but I thought about it later.  If you know me at all you know that what I am most thankful for is my family.  The boys are the light of my life and I was lucky enough to find the love of my life at the young age of 18—and love him more than ever now.  What I’m particularly thankful for this year however is the other people that love my family.  So I’m not just thankful for my sister Judi (and Debbie of course), I’m thankful for all the people that love Judi and have been caring for her and showing their love.

I’m thankful for her friend Gina, who is not only an organizational mastermind, sender of email updates and caregiver, but just loves my sister.  I’m thankful for all those who have helped her along this path she is on—her friend Liz in Atlanta who provided a calming but entertaining presence, my friend Eileen, who not only loves me but also just got on a plane and went to Atlanta to care for Judi after her surgery—just because she was needed. I’m thankful to friends of hers like Nancy and Annie that have visited and stayed with her.  I’m thankful for all of those, like Claude and Liana, Pammalee, etc. that have planned visits for the future. I’m thankful for her meditation instructor Eric who made time to drive to Clemson and see Judi. I’m thankful for her friend Dorie who is helping clean her house and keep it organized (important to Judi!). I’m thankful for all those at Clemson, who have lined up to bring her meals, walk her dog, drive her to and from chemo, etc.  I’m thankful for her department and colleagues at Clemson that have been unconditionally supportive….

I am supremely thankful for everyone—those I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t—that is helping Judi get through this and onto better things in her life.  Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.