1.  Leo’s Cub Scout meeting got canceled last night so we finally had time to go over and finish decorating my parents’ Christmas tree.  For all my bitching about it we had a really nice time.  Of course the ironic thing is that we got the tree because my father wanted it but he completely ignored the whole thing.  My mother on the other hand had a great time.  Leo was wonderful helping decorate it and chatting to my mom…..and of course he was wearing his Cub Scout shirt which my mother loves. My father was waaaaay out of it.  Made me very sad.  When we left he said, "thank you for visiting" and I am really not sure he knew who we were.

But the tree is lovely.

2.  The other night at our party a friend Matt went upstairs and found Leo reading facts about trains to kids and then quizzing them on it.  Matt then reminded us that Alex Trebec had just had a heart attack and they might be looking for somebody……  Of course it would be all-train Jeopardy.  Categories on the Big Boy, the New York Central, tankers, etc. Perfect for Leo.

3.  Owen, on the other hand, gathered a group of kids in his room and played Adam Schmitt for them.  Later I asked him about it and he looked at me and said, "well, Mom, it was a party"….in other words, of COURSE I played Adam Schmitt for them….what else do you do at a party?

4.  Finally got my car back…so nice to spend hundreds of dollars on a car at the holidays….oh well.  Here is a branch in the parking lot of the mechanic’s.


5.  Judi starts chemo again today which as horrid as it will be is a good thing. One more step….

6. My poor husband not only has a wretched cold….but also has PINKEYE.  ugh….hope the rest of us don’t get it.

7.  Have we mailed our Christmas cards?  No.  Have we done our shopping? No.  Have we done our holiday baking?  No.  That’s o.k. though….I’m feeling pretty Christmasy nonetheless……Leo saw Santa Claus at his bowling birthday party the other day and he said he almost fainted (Leo, not Santa).  Owen, on the other hand, says he saw Santa at our house one Christmas……

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. If you are up to a drive for shopping for Leo, you should try the Wabash Train Depot in Decatur. It’s on the north side of Eldorado relatively near and west of Jasper St. A) the freight trains go right behind the depot, B) they have TONS of train stuff. I was so temped to get a glass pitcher today with a train etched on it and the Norfolk Southern logo and it said Decatur 1992. I thought it was 10 kinds of awesome. They have photographs, paintings, model trains, and some of the original depot furnishings. I love love love going there. It’s also a huge antique mall, so there’s TONS of other stuff to gawk at. I got a small glass bottle with a chemical equation etched on it and 5 glass tumblers from the 70s with bright flowers.