Eileen sent me this link the other day which made me nostalgic for The Mavericks and Raul’s singing.  We had gotten his Christmas album some time ago but I’d forgotten about.

So then I hit youtube and found a few treats.  Here you go Eileen—remember last time we were at Robert’s Western World, Raul wasn’t playing but he was sitting with us.  Can you believe it was so long ago….in those halcyon Cynthia-and-Ernie-don’t-have-children-so-we-can-all-just-pick-up-and-go-to-Nashville days?

I wish I could relive the four nights in a row we saw them in the bar of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Drinking champagne after the show the night Raul got married.  Absolutely amazing shows.  Sweet guys. Raul is absolutely  one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met.  And I’ll always have a very soft spot for Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin. I can NOT believe it was 15 years ago….  After the Vertebrats, they are probably the band I have seen the most times in my life….