I woke up in the night aching all over, with a painfully scratchy throat and stuffed up nose and thought "NOOOOOOO."  But sure enough I woke up miserable.  I felt guilty canceling church but I really don’t want to make my parents sick either…..  My Dad doesn’t seem to mind as much as he used to when I can’t get him to church though.  Anyway, I am feeling a bit better after several more hours of sleep and a long, hot shower. Ernie is out grocery shopping and I figure I will just shop for his gift tomorrow.  Yup, Christmas Eve.  I’ve never shopped on Christmas Eve before but there’s a first for everything I guess.

More importantly……Santa said the hell with worrying about credit card debt and was VERY, VERY good to Ernie and me.  See below our Christmas present…..no, not Ernie, what he’s looking at:


Isn’t it beautiful???

We received the Christmas boxes from Debbie yesterday.  Ernie and I were out and when we got home the guys immediately dragged us forcibly in living room to look at the FOUR boxes with awe. Debbie had said she would try to restrain herself this year.  You be the judge:





I know the boys will love the presents that came inside those boxes but frankly I don’t know if they can top the excitement of receiving and opening those boxes.  Later they decorated them, cut out various windows and doors and turned them into different kinds of vehicles. We’re still cleaning up packing peanuts….although Leo asked if we could keep some around the tree to be snow for his train.  How can you say no to that? I wish I had snow…..